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Last Updated on March 18, 2024 by Dharani

What is Narayana Kamini Rice?

India has its own history of food which was majorly based on grains like wheat, barley, pulses and rice. Which is why we can see the dominance of such grains even today. For instance if we take a look at the most popular Indian dishes, then they would mostly include either wheat, rice or pulses.

That is why we can see a huge variety of these grains and how the demands of different varieties of these grains keep changing from time to time. Rice is one of those gems of India, which is never short of demand. No matter which season or which day it is, rice gets cooked in every house almost everyday.

We all have it on a regular basis but if you’re being asked about how many varieties of rice you’ve had over the years? Most probably you won’t have the answer, in fact you’ll be confused by the question itself. And that is because we all have been having the same white coloured rice namely Basmati, Sonamsuri or kinaki.

So, we never looked beyond these few types of rice, right! But let me tell you that there are about 40,000+ rice varieties in India only. Narayana Kamini Rice is one of those rare rice varieties which were largely consumed in the ancient times. But are somewhat forgotten these days.

Narayana Kamini Rice Benefits

Not to forget, the benefits of Narayana Kamini Rice are going to amaze you. Because it is one of those rare types of rice which contains the lowest Glycemic Index than any other rice.

Being rich in soluble fiber, it is also known for its low calorie contents. This rice is brown in color because of its husk and germ remaining intact with the grain. Narayana Kamini Rice can easily be identified because of its small grain.

It also has an irresistible smell which is so delicious that you can’t stop yourself from having a bowl full even if cooked simply with water. One can definitely have this rice on a regular basis despite any age group. From kids to elders, anyone can have it. And apart from all this it also has a little bit of sweetness which although makes it very yummy and wholesome but can be avoidable for a diabetic person.

Now many of you already know that rice is a great immunity booster, but what you don’t know is that which type of rice is the best for building good immune system, well the answer is right here, Narayana Kamini Rice is a proven source of boosting immunity and maintaining gut health.

Narayana Kamini Rice Recipes:

Even though it tastes simply delicious if cooked with water but there are many Indian dishes also that you can try, like:-

  • Idli
  • Vada
  • Dosa
  • Khichdi
  • Kheer
  • Puttu
  • Biryani and many more.

Cultivation of Narayana Kamini Rice.

So, just like most of the rice varieties, Narayana Kamini Rice also originated in Tamil Nadu. In Fact there is still a huge demand for this rice in the Southern part of India as compared to the North. There has been large scale production and consumption of this rice in the states like Kerala, Karnataka and Bangalore etc.

If we talk about the farming of this rice then it is grown in the normal fields just like any other kind of rice such as bahurupi rice. But the main difference is that Narayana Kamini Rice takes less water and maintenance as compared to others. It is also pest resistant, thus, organic and natural is possible.

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    One of the best rice for health.

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